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The SEC alleges that Sunderlage who was charged and banned from the industry by the SEC for participating in an offering fraud in 1986 (SEC v. Ill.)) received commissions from the sale of investments and also received management fees for acting as the designated investment adviser to numerous client trusts that invested with Battoo. Sunderlage thus acted as an unregistered broker dealer and investment adviser in violation of his industry bar..

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There are many combinations you can have. The motherboard you get may have 2 or 4 RAM memory slots on the board. Each slot can have a 2GB RAM chip in it. In its complaint, the Commission alleges that Kevan Acord, an attorney and accountant, and his partner, Philip Growney, an accountant, abused their position of trust and confidence as tax consultants to Neff when they bought $329,000 of Neff stock in the nine days before the announcement. According to the complaint, they bought the shares after learning during their work for Neff that another company might acquire it. Following the acquisition, Acord exchanged shares that he purchased for his personal account and for the account of a long time client for a profit of nearly $155,000..

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