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From a very young age, Deborah has been fascinated by art and all of its forms, but was raised in a society where the idea of being an artist was out of the question. Extensive travel to exclusive destinations were a part of family life but not in the way she wanted to discover the world. She remembers those times as opportunities to flip away from her golden cage to emerge herself in the indigenous cultures of these faraway places because Deborah always has preferred the stars in people’s eyes to the stars of luxury hotels! She chose to turn her back on this privileged lifestyle to be able to live her dream.

Reporter, explorer, this is an occupation which would enable her to be free, to experience the alphabet of the world, passing trough the “A” of Alaska to the “Z” of Zanzibar and above all, travel the world with her feet in the dust and her head in the clouds.

As a born explorer, Deborah has a deep thirst for discovery. Her passion for life and her inextinguishable curiosity naturally brought her to study journalism, photography, tourism and later, acting. Would this combination allow her to fulfill her dreams? Hosting a travelling, discovery or adventure show.

Deborah is very conscious of the fact that one doesn’t achieve anything without hard work! That is why passion for the job is essential because when you love something, you don’t count the hours! Her job, is her playground and breath of fresh air!

Deborah is ambitious, creative, dynamic, perseverant and multilingual. In other words: perfect! (Joking) She has proven her professionalism, giving her now a real place in both the Belgian and international media sectors. Deborah‘s favourite quote:
Smile at life and life will smile back at you”